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Halo Coatings represents a breakthrough and new standard in nighttime visibility and safety in the workplace.  Halo's Hi-Viz reflective solutions efficiently returns light from an illuminated object straight back to the light source.  Retro-reflectivity is what allows us to see signs, runners, and vehicles at night.  Halo's solutions allow people and products to be safely and visibly seen at night by drivers and individuals.  The Halo effect is neither blinding nor distracting at night.


Halo technology is a regulatory compliant and produces a coating that has superior corrosion resistance and abrasion durability, supreme adhesive characteristics, and retro-reflects to exceed the reflectivity of Engineered Grade Tape - at one-third of the cost.


Halo coatings are as reflective as High-Intensity reflective tape with greater durability and greater design flexibility.  Halo retro-reflective solutions are more durable than other reflective tape products. The basic polymer utilized in most all reflective tape is not UV stabilized and will eventually fade. But Halo Coatings can withstand UV exposure and other severe weather elements.  


Unlike most reflective tape products, Halo retro-reflective solutions can also adhere to almost any surface, making it an effective product for many applications. 

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